Tandem Technical Sales is the combined entity of two well-known manufacturer’s representatives – OM Associates & Technical Marketing Inc (TMI). Both firms have great history and success representing premier electronics manufacturers in their marketplace with OM Associates having been founded in 1981 and TMI in 1974. In a world of merging technologies and markets, Tandem Technical Sales will continue to evolve along with the principals, customers, and markets served to provide best-in-class sales and service.


We remain committed to maximizing sales and creating distinct advantages for our principals through combined resources, customer intimacy, and line management. Our culture is built upon a dedication to service, cooperation, accountability, and competence, and our reputation on the success and trust we have with our partners and customers. Tandem Technical Sales has high internal expectations, and our customers and principals should expect the same.


Our biggest asset consists of our sales professionals located in offices throughout Texas and Mexico. The Tandem Technical Sales outside team is comprised of a strong technical sales staff with a majority having a mix of engineering and FAE experience. Distribution coordination is offered in each location along with strong customer service to provide a perfect backdrop.


Our line card consists of a focused group of industry leading technology firms that afford us the opportunity to engage early with customer architecture and design. The portfolio of products ranges from discrete components in the analog, mixed signal, digital, and IP&E arenas, as well as system and sub-system level products. It aligns very well with the industrial, communication, military, PC/server/storage, and consumer markets, and we have broad engagement and alignment with our distribution partners.


Thank you for your interest in Tandem Technical Sales. We welcome the opportunity to discuss future business opportunities and relationships. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about Tandem Technical Sales and services we provide.